Who We Are ?!

1st Arabia is a top-notch event organizing company & event Management Company, which specializes in providing the management of exhibitions and conferences within the highest standards in this industry.

What distinguishes us in this area is the integration and comprehensiveness of the main services we provide under one roof in the management of exhibitions and conferences, which include information services, marketing, production, promotion, and technical solutions specialized in the management of exhibitions and conferences.

We aim to provide these services within the framework of our business philosophy based on partnership with our customers and continuous development of our joint business to achieve the vision of our partners in their marketing and promotional activities and to achieve our success and contribute to the success and growth of their business.


Our Services

We specialize in exhibitions and conferences management. We have a team of experts and professionals who are highly competent
in organizing and managing events, in accordance with the latest regulatory frameworks and advanced methodology in working.


We organize and manage exhibitions with the latest exhibition industry techniques in the fields of organization, management and accompanying services


We strive in the international competitiveness to organize exhibitions and conferences, primarily to meet your ambitions and upgrade
the media market to provide services that correspond to the Saudi Arabia’s development in all areas 

Event Management

All the facilities work hard to distinguish their events from other events, and this is achieved by resorting to a partner with a great experience in the organization and management of events, where they have the ability to invent and create new creative ideas through which to give the event the hallmark feature and make it in Introduction to rivals.


Our aim is mainly focused on the client’s needs and the quality of service.


Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of event services which creates an experience that goes beyond expectations.

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