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Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - RICEC

About The Event

The 1st Saudi International Soft Drink and Vending Expo aims to define the quality of customer service on both the regional and global levels. In addition, it aims to develop and diversify by entering new areas in the economy. While this exhibition aims for a comprehensive view of the experiences of several success stories in both the economical and industrial sector.

Vending in Saudi Arabia

There are a lot of vending machine companies , suppliers and distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are so many national as well as local companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that are supplying quality soft drinks.

Why Vending Expo

Distributors offering hot and cold products now represent 80% of new vending machines entering the market; distributors will replace the glass façade by bottles and cans. Thus, most operators have evolved the concept by combining both drinks and snacks into one vending machine. Does this concept really meet the needs of the consumer? DA How can it compete with chain restaurants and retailers offering lunch menus called “healthy”? This roundtable will bring together heads of several national associations vending Europe to discuss market trends and outlook for snacks and drinks DA in their respective markets.

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