Saudi Jordanian ICT Forum 2022

1st Arabia takes the pride in organizing The Saudi Jordanian ICT Forum- SJICT. The SJICT forum is an initiative taken by 1st Arabia in partnership with the Information & Communication Technology Association, Jordan. This forum is an attempt to create opportunities and bridge the gap for the ICT companies in both The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Jordan. 


ICT Growth and development

Foreign investment opportunities

Increased ICT Market Share

Overview of Saudi Jordanian ICT Forum

With the SJICT Forum, Saudi Arabia will be the first nation to focus and enlighten on Jordan`s ICT expertise and emphasize on the development of business between the two nations, with the participation with leading companies and IT service providers from Jordan. The SJICT Forum is a platform for building mutual business ties and network.


Saudi Arabia`s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) witnessed a rapid evolvement and development over the years. The SJICT Forum is an initiative where industry professionals from both countries come together on one platform to support the development of market driven regulations, policies. In addition, it is an initiative to focus on the rapid growth and needs of the industry in KSA and Jordan. It is also a great opportunity to engage, exchange ideas, create business and cater to the international market.

Overview of Saudi Jordanian ICT Forum

ICT Market

With the daily improvements as well as the expertise, Jordan is known to have highly developed and experienced ICT companies. In addition to the rapid spread of the knowledge centers in the country, we also witness the emerging of the e-government services and computerized education. Jordan has placed itself in a strong position as one of the world`s best in the ICT sector. In addition, Jordan increased its competitive advantage in the Middle East. It has taken steps to launch ICT initiative aiming to develop the sector.

The Jordanian companies in the ICT industry is partnering and working cooperatively with other Middle Eastern companies to make sure the ICT sector is always strong and effective. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always proved to be the most stable and consistent markets, even during the toughest times of global recession. There have always been tremendous developmental opportunities, expansion and growth over the past and will always be in the future. The ongoing and forecasted projects shows the path to lucrative business opportunities mutually benefiting both nations.

Target Sectors

Health Sector

Financial & Banking Sector

Telecom Sector

IT & Communication Sector

Safety & Security Sector

Real Estate Sector


Industrial & Manufacturing sector

Oil, Petroleum & Gas Sector



Corporate Sector

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